Наталья Сергеевна Молодчая / Natalia Molodcha

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Hello and welcome to my courses! I have a large experience in teaching General English,  HR English, Business English, Business Communication. I have PhD in Linguistics analyzing a group of new words in the English language. Now I am doing research on the administrative academic discourse.  

Participants of my course "HR English" will develop communication skills in English within topics connected to HR Management, learn more than 300 useful words and word combinations, familiarize with the modern practices in HR Management, express an opinion in forums, discuss video, suggest translations, compose HR Manager's documents. The course 68 hours (2 credits) lasts from September until December 25th  is credited after the completion of all the assignments.  

Kharkov/ Харьков
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English "Travel" RP-3, English for HR Managers
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